Thursday, December 27, 2007

€100,000pa MBA

I'm in the middle of a €100,000p.a. MBA course.

The course has lasted two years so far and I can say I've learned a lot a long the way.

€200,000 for a two year course! - Where am I Harvard, Yale, a secretive Swiss MBA which guarantees business success?

The answer is much more mundane - I am in a struggling business - what's worse it's a struggling franchise.

A struggling franchise - impossible I hear you say. You buy a franchise is to buy into a successful existing business plan and model. Surely nothing can go wrong - well I've learned some hard lessons there also - but more of that in due course.

My business, and I use the word reservedly, has been like a New Years Eve celebrant on the streets of Barnsley. It lurched forward occasionally, back regularly, and around in circles. In a similar fashion for the past two years I have had constant nausea and been always on the verge of vomiting!

Recovery is now on the horizon and as I emerge from this two year business hangover I thought I might put some thoughts down on a retrospective and ultimately current blog.

They may be of some assistance to some of you would be entrepreneurs and may help you achieve a respectable “doggy paddle” and keep your head above water.

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