Saturday, December 29, 2007

A "potted" history

First to give you a brief background on how I got to where I am now.

I qualified, a professional university graduate in 1989, moved to the UK where I worked for 4 years and them onwards to Asia. I was lucky to be moderately successful and moved back to Europe in 1999, with enough money accumulated for a very nice house, some nice cars and a number of nice years.

Deciding to move away from my qualified profession - I was enticed by a friend to set up a sister company of his UK based company specialising in the handling and transport of hazardous waste.

Again a lucky break the company was very successfull and I had sold my 50% share within a year of its establishement. How could I go wrong?

I followed this with a failed attempt to set up a hazardous waste processing facility. The failure was due to the withdrawal of a large consultancy firm witdrawing their services prior to submission of various applications.

Why did they withdraw their services - a conflict of interest! They had tendered for and succeeded in winning a contract from the very governemtal agencies to which we were required to submit our applications! When had "poacher become gamekeeper" - 6 months before announcing the conflict of interest. Needless to say a "breach of contract" courtcase is in the pipeline - I could write an entire blog on this process alone.

And so there I was with nothing to do, my latest business venture grinding through the cogs of justice. What would I do now. I needed something simple a strightforward, something with a proven track record, something which would be an easy sell, something which would be very profitable - A FRANCHISE!

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